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Tensile Strength Test Machine mainly can measure the tension of various materials, tear, peel, adhesive relay......Physical resistance.Can print out the test date, time and display value of the monitor setting.This machine can be equipped with various fixture and elongation test device, or according to customer demand assembly.

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Unit Set
Minorder 1
Payment L/C , T/T , D/A ,
Port Shenzhen
Place Guangdong, China
Packaging Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.

Product Detail

Product Introduction:
This tensile strength test machine uses motor drive screw and make the jig mobile, will good device between the clamp specimen test fixture, speed, and then giving fixture on tensile samples, the up LOAD at the top of the jig yuan namely feel tension, and will be converted into a voltage signal loss to the display, the results using the LOAD CELL power sensors connected automatically display values.

Main technical parameters:
1. Capacity: 5-200kg domestic sensor;
2. Electric machine: eubon speed regulating motor 90W;
3. Screw: ball screw;
4. Panel control: LED liquid crystal display (can display and print test times and test peaks);
5. With printing function;
6. Speed: adjustable speed (knob adjustment) 50-300mm/min (manual adjustment);
7. Maximum stroke: 900mm (including fixture);
8. Refactorization degree of load: 1/10000;
9. Load accuracy: ≤1%;
10. Unit conversion: KG/N/LB
11. External dimensions :(L*W*H) 500*400*1370mm;
12. Weight: about 40KG
13. Adjustable tension (to be customized), stop at breakpoint;
14. Power source: 1
∮, AC 220V

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